Literature and Theater Seminars

Love and Loss in Medieval and Early Modern French Literature and Culture, Wesleyan University, Spring 2017

Interpreting the “New World”: France and the Early Modern Americas, Wesleyan University, Spring 2016, Fall 2017

French and Francophone Theater in Performance, Wesleyan University, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

L’Amour interdit: du Moyen Age à la Révolution française, Wesleyan University, Spring 2015

Love, Sex, and Marriage in Renaissance Europe, Wesleyan University, Fall 2014, Fall 2016

Le Désir chez Labé et Montaigne, mini-course, Università di Padova, May 2014

Renaissance Transgressions (with E. Butterworth), M.A. seminar, KCL, 2014

16th-century French Encounters with the “New World,” final-year seminar, KCL, 2013-14

Forbidden Love in the Ancien Régime, final-year seminar, KCL, 2013-14

Subjects and Selves: An Introduction to French Thought, KCL, 2013-14

Death and Desire: Love in French Literature before 1700, KCL, 2012-14

Text and Performance in French and Francophone Theater and Film, KCL, 2012-14

Introduction to French Literature, (survey from Middle Ages to today), KCL, 2012-14

L’Amour interdit sous l’Ancien Régime, senior seminar, College of the Holy Cross, 2012

The Criminal in 20th-century French Literature, Sweet Briar Junior Year in France (Paris), 2007


Advanced French Language Courses

French Composition and Conversation (215), Wesleyan University, Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Final-Year Core Language, KCL, 2013-14

Pratique de l’écrit, KCL, 2012-13

Advanced Composition and Grammar, Columbia University, 2011

Advanced French, Princeton University, 2009


Intermediate French Language Courses

Intermediate French I, C of the Holy Cross, 2012

Intermediate French I, Columbia University, Course Chair, 2010-11

Intensive Intermediate French, Princeton University, 2010

Intermediate French, Fordham University, 2010

Intermediate French, The New School, 2009

Intermediate French I and II, UVA, 2004-08


Beginning French Language Courses

Beginning French (102), Wesleyan University, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017

Beginning French, C of the Holy Cross, Course Coordinator, 2012

French 1101, Columbia University, 2010

Accelerated Beginner’s French, Princeton University, Head-of-Course, 2010

Beginning French, Fashion Institute of Technology, 2009

Accelerated Beginner’s French, UVA, 2008


Senior Thesis Tutorial Adviser

“One Hand Shakes Another: Translation and the Calligram,” Alex Lee, 2016-17